Misgeld Lab - Teaching

We contribute to teaching in a broad range of programs, mostly focused on postgraduate and clinician-scientist training. To inquire about opportunities for Masters thesis work or undergraduate practicals, please inquire via our contact.

Practical courses‚ Basic Microscopy and Advanced Microscopy

In these one-week courses that we teach together with Prof. Helmuth Adelsberger (Institute of Neuroscience), we cover the basics of microscopy and also a number of advanced techniques, especially confocal and two-photon microscopy. These Courses are part of the curriculum of the TUM School of Medicine’s PhD program 'Medical Life Sciences and Technology' and of the young investigator program of the SyNergy Cluster.

Seminar‚ Techniques in Presenting Scientific Data

This seminar covers how to present data in posters and talks. We teach this together with Dr. Kathrin Offe, who coordinates the PhD program 'Medical Life Sciences and Technology'.

Seminar‚ Dealing with Data (Umgang mit Daten)

In this lecture, we teach the approach to proper data handling and the publication process for medical students enrolled in the Graduate Program 'Translational Medicine'.

Lectures‚ Basic Neuroscience & Developmental Neurobiology

These two lectures cover basic aspects of neuroscience and developmental biology at the MSc level. They are aimed for students in the PhD program 'Medical Life Sciences and Technology' who transition into neuroscience from another background.

Lecture, Neuro-Anatomy (ME60003) Elite MSc Neuroengineering

In this course, we teach the basics of neuromorphology and –anatomy to engineering undergraduates, who are enrolled in the Elite Master Course "Neuroengineering" (MSNE) at the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

External teaching assignment‚ Neurobiology Course, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

The 'Neurobiology Course', which has been taught at the MBL for nearly 50 years, is one of the most renown training opportunities in the neurosciences, with many eminent neurobiologists amongst the student and faculty alumni. We have been honored to teach as faculty on this course for the past 10 years. If you are seeking an opportunity for a transformative, in-depth immersion into neurosciences aimed at advanced PhD students and post-docs, check it out!

External teaching assignment‚ EMBO Course Two-photon microscopy, TUM and ETH Zürich

This advanced course on "Two-photon imaging of brain function: From spiny dendrites to circuits" is organized every second year and alternates between the Center for Neuroscience at Biederstein and the Helmchen and Weber labs at ETH Zürich. It is a great opportunity for advanced students, who seek to apply two-photon imaging to questions in neurobiology.