Detailed News

June 2019

  • Congratulations to Dr. Monika Leischner-Brill (Misgeld lab) who, together with Dr. Magda Magiera, from the Curie Institute (lab of Prof. Carsten Janke), was awarded the Prize “Forcheurs Jean-Marie Lehn” for their work on the "tubulin code and its functions in the nervous system". This work lies at the interface between molecular and neurobiology and could help to discover new mechanisms that involve the cytoskeleton in neurodegenerative diseases and thus improve treatment options.The prize was presented on June 24, 2019 by the ambassador of the French Embassy in Germany, Guillaume Ollagnier, and the Nobel Laureate for Chemistry Professor Jean-Marie Lehn. [Press Release]
  • Our work using 3D orbital tracking of mitochondria in vivo in zebrafish is out in eLIFE. This was a joint effort between the labs of Prof. Lamb and Prof. Misgeld. [pdf]

February 2019

  • Our work on the role of calcium influx in driving axon degeneration in MS models is out in Neuron. This was a collaborative effort with the lab of Martin Kerschensteiner at the LMU. [pdf]

October 2018

  • Caroline Fecher (Misgeld lab) won the Poster prize (1st place) at the GSN Annual Orientation Week.

September 2018

  • 27th - The joint TUM-LMU (Prof. Thomas Misgeld and Prof Christian Haass) initiated Cluster of Excellence - Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology (Synergy) was successful in its application.[Link]
  • 13th - Mengzhe (Grace) Wang successfully defended her PhD thesis! Congratulations Grace!

June 2018

  • Caroline Fecher (Misgeld lab) won the Poster prize at the Cell Symposium 'Multifaceted Mitochondria', San Diego.

February 2018

  • Congratulations to Franziska Auer, Stavros Vagionitis and Tim Czopka whose collaborative paper is out in Current Biology! [pdf]

January 2018

  • Congratulations to Prof. Oren Schuldiner (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel), who is the recipient of the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The award will allow for collaborating on a long-term project with the Misgeld lab. Oren is currently on sabbatical in Munich - he studies neuronal remodelling in Drosophila, with a focus on axon pruning, developmental regrowth and neuron-glia interactions.
  • Applications for the Elite Master of Science course 'Biomedical Neuroscience' are now open. For more details [pdf].

Archived News

November 2017

  • Mitostasis in Neurons: Maintaining Mitochondria in an Extended Cellular Architecture - Joint review by Thomas Misgeld and Tom Schwarz in Neuron is now online. [pdf]

October 2017

  • Caroline Fecher (Misgeld lab) wins the poster prize at the EMBO/FEBS Lecture course 'Mitochondria in life, death and disease’ in Brindisi, Italy. Well done Caro!

September 2017

  • We are very pleased to host two outstanding scientists, Maya Schuldiner and Oren Schuldiner, from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel for a year’s sabbatical in our Institute. Maya is additionally a TUM IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellow
  • Dr. Ivana Nikic - former PhD. student alumnus of the Kerschensteiner and Misgeld labs, and now an Emmy-Noether-funded group leader at the Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience of the University of Tübingen, wins the Friedmund Neumann Prize from the Ernst Schering Foundation. 

March 2017

  • Peter Engerer’s (Godinho/Misgeld labs) paper on retinal bipolar cell development is out in the EMBO Journal! [pdf]

February 2017

  • Monika Leischner (Misgeld lab) received a grant from the Bayerische Forschungsallianz to initiate international collaborations. Congratulations Moni!

November 2016

  • Synapse elimination paper out in Neuron! A collaborative effort by Monika Brill (Leischner), Tatjana Kleele and Laura Ruschkies (Kneussel Lab) who share first authorship. [pdf]
  • Elisa Romanelli’s paper is out in Nature Communications! This was a collaborative effort between the lab of Martin Kerschensteiner and Thomas Misgeld. [pdf]

October 2016

  • Franziska Auer (Czopka lab) received a PhD scholarship from the Gertrud-Reemtsma foundation. Congratulations Franzi!

September 2016

  • 21st - Peter Engerer (Godinho/Misgeld labs) successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations Peter!
  • 15th - Congratulations to Caroline Fecher and Selin Kenet (both Misgeld lab students) who won poster prizes at the yearly GSN Interview Week. Caro was awarded ‘First Place’ and Selin won the ‘Rookie of the Year’.
  • 12th - "Schwabing Neuroscience Summit" - Joint meeting of MPI-Psychiatry and TUM - Biederstein campus Neuroscience groups.

August 2016

  • Tim Czopka received a starting ERC grant! Congratulations Tim!
  • Marina Herwerth (Misgeld and Hemmer labs) awarded a research grant from the Hertie Stiftung - congratulations Marina!

June 2016

  • Doug Campbell (Misgeld lab) awarded a DFG research grant! Congratulations Doug!
  • 5th-9th - Thomas Misgeld, Oren Schuldiner and Bami Yaron (Weizmann Institute, Israel) co-organized the second installment of an EMBO Workshop "Mechanisms of Neuronal Remodelling" in Seeon Germany.

March 2016

  • Marina Herwerth’s paper in Annals of Neurology is in press! This was a collaborative effort between the labs of Bernhard Hemmer and Thomas Misgeld.