Lukas Bernhard


Room: Forschungsgruppe MITI, second floor

            Trogerstraße 26, 81675 Munich

Phone: +49 (0)89 4140-8074

Email: lukas.bernhard(at)

Research Interests

  • Auto-navigating assistance robotics for surgery and care
  • Clinical networking and digitalisation 
  • Clinical workflow optimization 

Current Projects


The aim of the project is the further development of the minimally invasive surgical platform "Single-Port Overtube" (SPOT) and its seamless integration into clinical procedures. This is to be achieved by a holistic view of the surgical treatment path from allocation to discharge...


In the course of surgical interventions, the so-called "OP-Springer" performs various tasks in the non-sterile area of the operating theatre. In clinical practice, however, this often leads to drastic delays in the procedure due to overworking of the personnel. Therefore, the aim of the project is the development of a context-sensitive mechatronic assistance system, which is able to navigate autonomously in the non-sterile area of the operating room and thereby relieves the OR jumper and the rest of the surgical team and supports them in their tasks....

Expert Lectures

  • DGE-BV 2019: Sprachverstehendes System als zentrale Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle - Integration von Sprachinteraktion in den kognitiven Operationssaal
  • CURAC 2019: Intuitive Orchestrierung kontext-adaptiver chirurgischer Assistenzsysteme
  • electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC) 2019: Intuitive orchestration of context-sensitive surgical assistance systems
  • CARS 2020: Integrating autonomously navigating assistance systems into the clinic: guiding principles and the ANTS-OR approach

Ongoing Student Research Projects

  • Determination of the Forces Occurring During the Manipulation of Tissues Throughout Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery
  • Entwicklung eines intraoperativen Kraftmesssensors inklusive normiertem Kalibrierprozess für die Auslegung von minimal-invasiven chirurgischen Manipulatorsystemen
  • Weiterentwicklung eines workflow-adaptierten Instrumentenwechselsystems für eine Single-Port Operationsplattform
  • Entwicklung eines Lokalisierungssystems für C-Bögen zur gezielten Wiederanfahrt von Bildebenen