Translational Research

MITI conducts translational research in the field of minimally invasive surgery, thus combining basic research and clinical application research. Within the scope of research work, product prototypes and application ideas are developed, evaluated and made available for clinical application. Due to its linking position, the MITI research group cooperates in each project with partners from science, industry and clinic. In order to further advance the development in the field of minimally invasive surgery, the work of the MITI research group covers a broad spectrum. The group deals with imaging and navigation, innovative therapeutic procedures, mechatronic support systems and instruments, model-based surgery and telematics, innovative clinical processes, as well as simulation and training.

Research Areas

The research spectrum of MITI covers the following areas:

  • Imaging and Navigation
  • Clinical Robotics
  • Innovative therapy methods
  • Mechatronic support systems and instruments
  • Model-based surgery and telematics
  • Innovative clinical processes
  • Simulation and training