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Research Focus

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Medical Applications
  • Visualization of Medical Data
  • User Interaction in XR and 3DUI

Current Projects


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The goal of ARTEKMED is to provide paramedics and young doctors the possibility to allow a remote expert to help them in unfamiliar situations. By using Augmented Reality and head-mounted displays (i.e. Microsoft HoloLens), they can see 3D annotations and live guidance from the remote expert. The remote expert sees the 3D reconstruction of the local environment including patient data and real-time sensor data, in order to provide conscientious teleconsultation and annotations. The 3D reconstruction is made possible by using a multi-camera setup at the emergency site, either using the built-in cameras of the head-mounted displays itself or cameras inside the ambulance, to reconstruct the environment of the patient and send this data to the remote expert.

ArtekMed is currently in mid-development stage and is operated in tight collaboration with the NarVis group (  and the Institute for Emergency Medicine (

Open topics:

Development of a "Surgical Cockpit", including UI and annotations:

  • Novel concepts of teleconsultation
  • Exploring different annotation methodologies for teleconsultation

Please contact me, if you are interested in this project. Preferably, you have experience with Unity / C# or AR/VR.
If you have cool ideas for AR/VR in a clinical environment, you are welcome to discuss it with us. We can provide HoloLens, 3D Printers, clinical partners, and more. 

Augmented Mirror

[Link to Paper]

A recurrent problem in egocentric Augmented Reality (AR) applications is the misestimation of depth. Providing alternative views from non-egocentric perspectives can convey useful information for applications that require the correct judgment of depth as it is in the case of placement and alignment of virtual and real content, but also for exploration and visualization tasks.In this paper, we introduce Augmented Mirrors. Through the integration of a real mirror, our approach is capable to reflect changes of the real and virtual content of an AR application while users benefit from the perceptual advantages of using mirrors. Our concept, simple yet effective, only requires tracking the user and mirror poses with the accuracy demanded by a specific application. To showcase the potential and flexibility of the Augmented Mirrors, we present and discuss multiple examples ranging from alignment, exploration, spatial understanding, and selective content visualization using different AR-enabled devices and tracking technologies. We envision the Augmented Mirrors as a new and valuable concept that can be used in applications that benefit from additional viewpoints and require the simultaneous visualization of real and virtual content.

This project is with collaboration with the Chair of Computer Aided Medical Procedures by Prof. Nassir Navab.

Open topics:
This can be topic of a bachelor or master thesis. Knowledge in Computer Vision and coding are required.

Visualization of Sterility

Open Topics:
This can be topic of a bachelor or master thesis. Knowledge in coding (C#) and Unity is recommended.


Student Type Topic
Thomas Wegele Bachelor's Thesis (finished)

Development of a Concept for an Augmented Reality Telecommunication Application for Medical Purposes

Alexander Burghardt Bachelor's Thesis (finished) Efficient Real-time Point Cloud Transfer and Virtual Reality Rendering System
Thomas Nibler IDP (finished)

Comparison of RTSP Implementations for Data-Driven Applications

Vanessa Kern Bachelor's Thesis (finished)

Zooming Augmented Mirrors: Applying the Paradigm of Magnifying Real and Virtual Augmentations on Planar and Curved Mirrors

Ulli Harlass MA (external) tbd
Ihsan Berkan Balaban MA (ongoing) tbd


ArtekMed @ MEDICA 2021

The team of ArtekMed was invited to MEDICA 2021 and present the current results of the research project. We received great feedback and even greater contacts for future collaborations and partners. Thanks to everyone supporting us so far!

Don't miss our talks at ISMAR 2021!

I am proud to announce that my journal paper together with Gleb Gorbachev has been accepted to ISMAR 2021! We will present our work on the virtual conference on the 5th of October at 4pm CEST during the avatar-session.

Honorable Mention Demo Award for work on Magnoramas!

IEEE VR 2021 was super exciting and well-done in nearly all aspects. I am happy to announce that our demo on the work of Magnoramas has received the Honorable Mention Demo Award. I want to thanks everyone who was involved in this project and hope to achieve much more in the future.

Don't miss our talks on IEEE VR 2021!

Exciting news! Two papers from the ArtekMed project are accepted to this years IEEE VR 2021 conference.
Please do not miss this chance and visit the online presentation of our work.
- Conference Paper: 
Magnoramas: Magnifying Dioramas for Precise Annotations in Asymmetric 3D Teleconsultation
- 3DUI Contest: 
Real-time Mixed Reality Teleconsultation for Intensive Care Units in Pandemic Situations

If you are not convinced yet, please take a look at the teaser video.


Aug 5th - Aug 16th: Medical Augmented Reality Summer School 2019 in Balgrist, Zurich

The focus of the Medical Augmented Reality Summer School Zurich is to teach the new generation of scientists the basics, challenges and recent advantages of Augmented Reality as well as to strengthen the connection between medicine, science and industry. In the first week, leading scientists of the field will present keynotes and insights from a medical and technical point of view. A condensed version of the TU Munich and JHU Baltimore lecture “Medical Augmented Reality” will provide profound theoretical knowledge of the topic. In the second week, the participants will develop their own Medical AR solutions using cutting-edge technologies in interdisciplinary teams.

At this amazing event, my group developed ARISE during the one-week hackathon. ARISE is an AR parkour for the physical rehabilitation of patients after a stroke incident. It combines the SLAM capability of the HoloLens 2 with the mobile motion tracking system Xsens. The result is a highly powerful system for generating large and adaptiv AR parkours with integrated patient feedback.


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