Welcome to the Institute of General and Surgical Pathology of the Technical University of Munich

Dear visitors, dear patients, dear colleagues,

welcome to the internet pages of the Institute of Pathology of the Technical University of Munich.

Modern pathology with all of its many morphomolecular tools builds one central cornerstone of today’s medical diagnostics. Especially molecular pathology guiding therapy decision making is becoming increasingly important, placing our profession in the very heart of modern personalized medicine.

Our research efforts aim at building the translational link between basic science discoveries and clinical implementation. In our Institute, we specifically focus on cancer research in its many facets.

Finally, pathology as the centerpiece for the understanding of the changes which take place when diseases emerge in our body is paramount for the education of physicians as well as many other health care professions and life sciences.

I would like cordially invite you to inform yourself about the many facets of our profession on our pages. Please apologize, that only a selection of our pages is available in English.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. med. Carolin Mogler, acting director of the institute of pathology