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Are you passionate about science, full of ideas and innovative potential and eager to develop emerging technologies for biology and healthcare? Then the Chair of Biological Imaging (CBI) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI) at the Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU) are the ideal environment for you! We offer you the unique chance to make a difference in future healthcare. At CBI, we strongly believe in scientific excellence and innovation. This is your opportunity to be part of and to advance your career in a world-leading research institute, where bioengineering principles meet today’s challenges in biology and medicine to develop the solutions of tomorrow.

In addition to the specifically advertised positions below, we are continuously recruiting highly qualified and motivated

Group leaders, Postdocs, and PhD/MSc/BSc students (f/m/d)

We have a constant stream of openings at all career levels in the following fields of expertise:


1. System development for optoacoustic and optical imaging and sensing

At CBI, we are driving breakthrough developments of cutting-edge imaging and sensing technology for nanoscopic, microscopic and mesoscopic applications in biology and medicine. We have pioneered multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) from scratch to successful commercialization and are now actively driving the clinical translation of optoacoustic and optical technologies towards disease prevention, early diagnosis and intra-operative settings.

This is your opening if you have hands-on experience in hardware and system development in optoacoustics, ultrasound and/or optical imaging and a background in physics, optics, engineering, medical technology or a related field.

2. Advanced methods of imaging data analytics

Analyzing optoacoustic imaging data is challenging due to the large amount of volumetric data, spectral multiplexing and time evolution of signals. To integrate and decipher the huge datasets that emerge from optoacoustic readouts in experimental and clinical settings and to enhance the quality of the extracted information, we are developing advanced methods and state-of-the-art tools for data analysis, image reconstruction, spectral unmixing, and image-based machine learning approaches.

This is your opening if you have experience in software development and image analysis as well as a background in informatics, mathematics, data science or a related field.

3. Biological discovery and clinical translation

CBI research and development at its core is application-driven, with the overarching goal of enabling discovery and impacting society and healthcare. Therefore, we have created a highly interdisciplinary research environment, where biologists, chemists and clinicians work hand in hand with our system developers in a relentless effort to propel CBI technology to the next level and drive experimental validation and clinical translation.

This is your opening if you have experience in biomedical research and/or clinical translation and a background in medicine, biology, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, biochemistry or a related discipline.

Apply now and become part of an imaging revolution!

We are very much looking forward to receiving your comprehensive application, including a letter of motivation, CV, academic transcripts of records, and a short research outline (max. 2 pages), in which you describe your scientific expertise and research interests and how they integrate into and contribute to CBI’s research agenda. Please upload your application to our online application system.

For foreign students and fellows, there is a multitude of funding opportunities for studies and research in Germany. Follow the link for more information to strengthen your application with your own funding.


Contact person

Postdoctoral fellow/PhD candidate in non-invasive biosensing sensing

Postdoctoral fellow/PhD candidate in non-invasive biosensing sensing (f/m/d) Prof. Dr. Miguel Pleitez
Research Physician Research physician for optoacoustic imaging (f/m/d) Dr. Ivy Curren
Postdoctoral Researcher Postdoc in computational biomedical imaging (w/m/d) Dr. André Stiel