Theses are offered at all levels (Diplom, Masters, Doctorand/ Ph.D), at electrical engineering, at the medical school or in co-operation with the Life Sciences departments for biologists. Varying topics are considered, including theoretical, data processing, hardware development and biological application topics. The developments considered are generally exploring new investigation fields. Interested applicants are expected to work in a group but also lead their own research project, that could result in first author publications for interested and motivated students, even at the Diplomarbeit level. Some representative topics include:

Theoretical analysis of wave propagation in tissues:

Solution of differential equations, finite element modeling, energy tissue interactions.

Inversion and image reconstruction algorithms:

Solution of linear and non-linear systems, use of a-priori information, Fourier Domain methods.

Image processing algorithms:

Segmentation, registration and feature extraction.

Development of optical, opto-acoustic and ultrasound systems:

Hardware development and testing, LabView control.

Experimental measurements and data analysis:

Imaging of phantoms, sensitivity and image quality measurements.

Hyper-spectral imaging:

Development and use of spectral signatures to image tissue biomarkers in-vivo.

In-vivo imaging development:

Imaging of small animals, fish and insects to test new imaging methods.

In-vivo imaging application:

Imaging of small animals, fish and insects to study dynamic biological phenomena in-vivo.

In-vivo imaging data analysis:

Data processing and analysis, statistical tabulation.

Data visualization:

Multi-modality imaging, data rendering.

Combination of the above areas into theses is also highly desirable and can lead to several multi-disciplinary projects. Interested applicants should take a look at the theses that we currently have under Open Positions, or get in touch with Dr. Andreas Hillmair for other topics that we offer as well.