Name Position Phone Number E-mail Address
Bauer, Tanja, Dr. Head of the Group 089-4140-7360 E-mail
Campione, Alessandro Technical Assistant 089-4140-7447 E-mail
Körber, Nina PostDoc 089-4140-7360 E-mail
Kühne, Felix Technical Assistant 089-4140-7445 E-mail
Mahmody, Rahim Laboratory Assistant 089-4140-7449 E-mail
Stephan, Ann-Sophie MD Student 089-4140-7447 E-mail
Weber, Melanie MD Student 089-4140-7447 E-mail

For further information please follow the link to the pages of the Immunmonitoring group at the German Research Center for Environmental Health.

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.