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Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. Mathias Heikenwälder

Mathias Heikenwälder studied Genetics and Microbiology at the Max-Perutz laboratories (University Vienna) and at the Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna, Austria. He then moved to the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin, Germany, where he performed his diploma thesis in the group of Prof. Martin Zenke on thyroid hormone regulated genes. Thereafter, he moved to the group of Prof. Adriano Aguzzi, Institute of Neuropathology, University Hospital Zürich (USZ), to perform his Ph.D. on the role of the immune system and inflammation on peripheral prion pathogenesis, prion replication and prion neuroinvasion. Further, a focus of his Ph.D. thesis was to investigate the role of chronic TLR signaling in health and disease. After a postdoc with focus on the role of cytokines in immune homeostasis and chronic inflammation at the Department of Pathology, Institute of Neuropathology, USZ, he received the prestigious Prof. Max-Cloëtta award that enabled him to start his independent group within the Department of Pathology, Institute of Neuropathology, USZ, focusing on cytokines and immune homeostasis as well as the induction of chronic inflammation, tissue damage and carcinogenesis. After his habilitation in Experimental Pathology at the medical faculty of the University of Zürich in 2009, he was appointed a Helmholtz-Young Investigator at the Institute of Virology, Helmholtz-Zentrum München and the Technische Universität München (TUM).

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NamePositionPhone NumberE-mail Address
Heikenwälder, Mathias, Prof.Head of the Group089-4140-7440E-mail
Adili, ArlindPhD Student089-4140-7442E-mail
Baier, RobertTechnical Assistant089-4140-7359E-mail
Becker, PaulPhD Student089-4140-6251E-mail
Bianco, GaiaPhD Student089-4140-7446E-mail
Biebl, JeanetteTechnical Assistant089-4140-7442E-mail
Dunkl, ReinerTechnical Assistant089-4140-7359E-mail
Hillermann, RuthTechnical Assistant089-4140-7445E-mail
Kotsilitsi, ElenaPhD Student089-4140-7446E-mail
Kühne, FelixTechnical Assistant089-4140-7445E-mail
Leone, ValentinaPhD Student089-4140-7446E-mail
Lorentzen, Anna, Dr.PostDoc089-4140-7445E-mail
Namineni, SukumarPhD Student089-4140-6251E-mail
O'Connor, Tracy, Dr. PostDoc089-4140-7442E-mail
Pfister, DominikPhD Student089-4140-7446E-mail
Ringelhan, Marc, Dr.PostDoc089-4140-7442E-mail
Seelbach, Olga JosephineLab Assistant089-4140-6251E-mail
Seubert, Bastian, Dr. PostDoc089-4140-7445E-mail
Weirich, BenediktPhD Student089-4140-7446E-mail

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