-        BMBF (since 2020): COMBAT C19IR: Clinical- and Omic- Based Analysis of Trajectory for COVID-19 Infection and Recovery-         

-        BMBF (since 2020): Interrogating COVID-19, lung microbiota and therapeutic phages to mitigate secondary lung infection and inflammation –                 OVPHA

-        EU (Since 2020): VIROINF (Innovative Training Networks (ITN; Marie Sklodowska Curie Action))

-        DFG SBF/-CRC 1371 (since 2019): Microbiome Signatures – Functional Relevance in the Digestive Tract

-        ERC Starting Grant (since 2018): “Bacteriophage inhibition of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic microbes and founding for novel therapeutic                       strategies – PHARMS”

-        DFG (since 2018): The virome in oil reservoirs

-        DFG Emmy Noether Programme (since 2016): “The role of viruses in contaminant degradation"