Welcome to Computational Pathology and Medical Image Analysis!

Pathology benefits more and more from artificial intelligence (AI), as AI gets better in identifying and characterizing specific diseases in digital medical images.

We are developing, applying and validating new models for cancer detection, segmentation and quantification in digital histological slides. We are also studying new approaches for the recognition of genetic alterations in pathology slides, the subtyping of cancers, and the prediction of outcome such as therapy response. With our work, we deepen our understanding in cancer biology, faciliate medical workflows in pathology, and finally improve patient care.

Our lab is affiliated with the TUM School of Medicine and the Computer Science Department, enabling us to combine ressources from both domains (data, computing, mentoring, expertise, and more) for excellent research and training, and to shape the future of cancer treatment and to help patients and doctors.

We are located in the center of Munich, next to the Klinikum Rechts der Isar and the TranslaTUM for translational cancer research, which connects us with all experts in medical domains, life sciences, computational biology and radiology, and many more.

We participate in the BIGPICTURE EU-Project (see on cordis or imi).