Further Development of an Endoscopic Anastomosis Applicator (MA/SA)

Open Position for Master's Thesis / Seminararbeit
Start immediately.

Within the scope of the project, a novel device for transanal anastomization of two colonic ends, subsequent to the resection of pathologic tissue is to be further developed.


  • Development of different concepts
  • Prototyping and assembly
  • Testing ideas with animal explants
  • Including findings into a final prototype


  • Profound knowledge in CAD
  • Interested in practical work
  • Proactive and motivated
  • Experiments will be pursued with pig colon from local butcher

If your interested in further details concerning work packages and research foci, please contact me:

Jana Steger, M.Sc.
Trogerstraße 26 (Research group MITI: Klinikum rechts der Isar)
Email: jana.steger@tum.de

Date of annoucement: 12.10.2021