Group Members

Group members contact table

Name Position Phone Number E-mail Address
Protzer, Ulrike, Prof. Dr. Head of the Group 089-4140-6821 E-mail
Ambike, Shubhankar PhD Student 089-4140-6829 E-mail
Asen, Theresa Technical Assistant 089-4140-6822 E-mail
Austen, Katharina PostDoc 089-4140-6817 E-mail
Bester, Romina Technical Assistant 089-4140-6874 E-mail
Bunse, Till Physician 089-4140-6829 E-mail
Chen, Fuwang PhD Student 089-4140-6829 E-mail
Glocker, Stefanie Technical Assistant 089-4140-6827 E-mail
Kächele, Martin PhD Student 089-4140-6875 E-mail
Körber, Nina PhD Student 089-4140-7360 E-mail
Kolbe, Fenna PhD Student 089-4140-6815 E-mail
Kosinska, Anna, Dr. PostDoc 089-4140-7446 E-mail
Lederer, Rosi Scientist 089-4140-9297 E-mail
Michler, Thomas, Dr. med. Physician 089-4140-6814/6829 E-mail
Möhl-Meinke, Britta, Dr. PostDoc 089-4140-6817 E-mail
Moeini2, Hassan, Dr. PostDoc 089-4140-6825 E-mail
Oswald, Andreas PhD Student 089-4140-6815 E-mail
Sacherl, Julia PhD Student 089-4140-6874 E-mail
Schreiber, Sophia PhD Student 089-4140-6872 E-mail
Su, Jinpeng PhD Student 089-4140-7359 E-mail
Thiele, Frank, Dr. Project Manager/Manager's Assistant 089-4140-6820 E-mail
Velkov, Stoyan PhD Student 089-4140-6817 E-mail
Walheim, Laura PhD Student 089-4140-6817 E-mail
Wettengel, Jochen Physician 089-4140-6829 E-mail
Wiegand, Marian, Dr. Project Manager 089-4140-7239 E-mail
Wisskirchen, Karin, Dr. PostDoc 089-4140-6814/6822 E-mail


1) supported by stipends from the Chinese Science Council
2) supported by a clinical leave stipend of the DZIF
3) supported by a DAAD stipend

Former group members

  • Silke Arzberger, PhD
  • Simone Backes, PhD (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Christian Bach
  • Dr. Felix Bohne
  • Dr. Nina Böttinger
  • Dr. Mathias Broxtermann
  • Xiaoming Cheng, PhD
  • Gregor Ebert, PhD (Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Dr. nat. med. Knud Esser, Postdoctoral Fellow (TH Köln)
  • Miriam John von Freyend, PhD (University of Cologne)
  • Marianna Hösel, PhD (University of Cologne)
  • Clemens Jäger, PhD
  • Julie Lucifora, PhD (Cancer Research Center of Lyon)
  • Kai Metzger
  • Dr. Andreas Murr
  • Gesa von Olshausen, MD (University Hospital rechts der Isar, Munich)
  • Maria Quasdorff, MD PhD (NIH / University Hospital Cologne)
  • Dr. med. Martin Sprinzl (Uniklinikum Mainz)
  • Leon Stross (Celgene, München)
  • Uta Zedler, PhD (Helmholtz Research Center Jülich)
  • Ke Zhang, PhD