In the COVID 19 crisis, the health care system bears a great deal of responsibility. Medical personnel are exposed to increased risks in the treatment of potentially infected patients, which must be mitigated: for personal protection, to interrupt infection chains and to avoid cross-infections.

In the ProteCT project, robotic telediagnostics will enable medical personnel to examine patients from a safe distance. This is to be made possible by a sensitive, robotic telediagnostic system. Doctors will be able to use telepresence to hold discussions and examine patients. The system also allows the collection of basic diagnostics (measurement of vital parameters such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, etc.). As a critical measure in COVID-19 cases, the possibility of an oropharyngeal inspection is also being developed. The diagnosis is performed by mobile and flexible control stations.

In addition to system development, this project will investigate how telediagnostics can be made simple and effective. Once the system has been tested in a clinical study, the ProteCT system can help to maintain the health care system's ability to provide care even in crisis situations caused by epidemics.

Jonas Fuchtmann, M.Sc.