Funded by BMBF

The cooperative project Colonview promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is about microinvasive therapy of colon cancer by using fluorescent nanoparticles (so called QDOTS). The aim of our work is to evaluate the applicability of particles for intraoperative tumor localization. Therefore, the particles are preoperatively injected submucosal around the tumor using endoscopy and are identified for tumor localization in the following surgery. For activating the particles in order to make them visible, dedicated light sources and camera systems are used and evaluated concerning their mode of operating. It is targeted to significantly improve the intraoperative tumor localization during minimally invasive surgery. Based on this improvement the resection of appropriate tumors should become more precise and therewith more gentle. In another work package it is proved if these particles can also be used for other indications, e.g. for evaluation of the perfusion of gastrointestinal anastomosis.